How’s it going rock star? Welcome to the blog! 

Who am I..?

Schmelebeck, Collin “Peewee” Schmelebeck is the name. Just turned 20 with the world at my doorstep (whether I want it or not). I just moved to a new place, Maryland, and I’ve been in the United States Navy for just over a year. The amazing person you see with me above and below is my girl Al, my better half for over 5 years.




Short Life Story

Born. 20 years later here I am (you’re welcome for keeping it short).

Tad Bit Longer Life Story

Proud to be born and raised as a cheesehead in Wisconsin. My parents have been divorced since I was an infant. However that has made me into the man I am today. I’ve been blessed with two different families that gave me the best childhood someone could ever ask for.

From elementary school through high school, sports were and continue to be an influence in my life. Basketball is and will be the love of my life (sorry Al) and football/baseball were a close second/third. It helped me learn to have fitness as a primary passion in my life, and gave me the discipline to accomplish goals for myself and others.

Small town kid with big world dreams plans are a good way to describe my attitude in life. Made my first business when I was a sophomore in high school, which led to my first failed business (Insta @collin_black_fitness). To actually make money I had to work a few part time jobs throughout high school which included fro-yo, bar dishwasher, and freaky fast Jimmy Johns driver.

I have an entrepreneurial attitude toward life, from trying to start an online fitness blog/coaching business when I was 15 (great learning experience), making some money on eBay, and small time basketball trainer. After my four years are up in the Navy, I will use that coveted G.I. Bill to become a commercial airline pilot. Along with a side hustle to keep a creator’s mind in my life.

What is this Blog?

Glad you asked, thanks 🙂

This site will be a blog that focuses on personal experiences that I have come across in recent years. Including the ways I handled them and advice to the new millennials on what I would do different.

I want to be an open book. Transparent as a cleaned window. Growing up, I always had a long term look on life. Looking for advice on becoming an adult in an ever changing world. I fancy respect, knowledge, and an ability to master everything possible in one life time.

This will be a documentation of my journey, every wrong and right choice I’ve made. This blog is to help you with YOUR life decisions. I’ll be an example that you can use for your own knowledge. So what will be the subject of this such book?                 (your answer is below  )

  • Growing up (still learning this one myself)
  • Finance (I have no degree, but experience is worth something…right??)
  • Relationships (we’ve all been there)
  • Work & Passion (please don’t let your dream die)
  • Travel (the world is a beautiful place, you’ll want to see it)


Welcome to my life. Here’s to enhancing yours.


~Collin Schmelebeck    10/4/17